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You tell me

Is this a jam, or is it embarrassing? I never really understood why my friends identified with English counterculture in the 80s and 90s. I can relate to Gallows here about as much as I can to klezmer music. I am a sucker for a Hooligany ale-born all-together-now chorus, however. I’m going to try this one out on the road, but odds are I’ll be posting some more musical sorbet, a la Metric, to cleanse my pallet. Whadayagonnado? The impulse to “turn it down” grows stronger and stronger still.


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According to an Edinburgh newspaper article, a man and a woman have been exiled for life from from the Scottish athletes club for swapping numbers in the Edinburgh Marathon.

It seems they traded numbers for some reason and the dude finished in the top ten… the women’s top ten.

A fellow club member saw the woman’s/man’s time and blew the whistle.

Hall monitor.

It’s the first time participants have been banned from the event.

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s kind of funny, isn’t it, Scottish Athletes Club ? We’re not talking about license plates here.

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The way-back machine

I likes the electronic accessories. We’ve talked about this. Let’s talk about the origins of said electronics.

Nike monitorAccording to Wired, Nike was the progenitor of my beloved Garmin Forerunner. Apparently the prototype — a little cardboard mock-up, actually — still sits on display in the company’s Oregon headquarters. Show offs.

They called it the Nike Monitor. It was Nike’s first forward-thinking plan to hook runners on a product that would give them some numbers more accurate than a clickity-clack pedometer’s. The Nike Monitor had sonar detectors to calculate speed. Remember this is before the public had access to GPS.

And Get this: The mileage was announced over the headphones. I’m betting the voice sounded something like that mid-90s software everyone made say dirty words, then got bored with… Robots telling one-liner poop jokes is only funny for so long.

Impracticality shelved the idea for a couple of decades, and runners held on to their Walkmen and were forced to drive their routes in their cars, relying on the odometer for mileage.

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A new study says resting those sore muscles may be the wrong way to go. The study, done at the University of Alberta and presented at the American College of Sports Medicine, attributes weightlifting to a 28 percent jump in quality of life for back pain sufferers.

Weightlifting? Like with the big gladiator belt?

Not my thing. What else you got AMCM? Nothing.

Kay, let’s hear about the benefits of weightlifting.

The benefit comes from bench presses for the chest, lateral pull-downs for strengthening the back, and leg presses. All three were correlated with pain reduction. When strength increased in those exercises, pain and disability decreased.

I currently don’t have any lower back pain, but things change. As time marches on the resilience of youth steadily retreats. Too flowery? I’m getting older’s all I’m saying, so I’ll keep this study in mind.

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Shot in Atlanta. Woody Harrelson got arrested after it wrapped. Blamed his behavior on zombies. Perfect. Not much else to say; It’s hard to hate a movie about the undead filmed so close to where the heart is.

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worn out shoesMy knees are hurting, and my heels feel as if they’ve been tenderized — I know, I know: The heel thing is plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the fibrous tissue that attaches to the bottom part of the heel. I got it. I got it.

It’s time for a new pair of shoes is all I’m saying. This pair has served me well, but the journey has come to an end. I’m going to pull the plug. DO NOT RESUSCITATE.

No… I won’t extend their life with a new pair of $45 insoles. That’s like getting a $5,000 engine rebuild on an $8,000 car. The kicks are totaled I tell you.

I generally think aggregating is cheating, but I’m not an expert on retiring running shoes. The Wisegeek is:

The standard suggestion is that you should buy new running shoes based on how much you run. If you keep a log of the frequency of your runs or jogs and the distance you travel, you’ll get a sense of how much distance overall you’ve actually gone. Recommendations on when to replace your running shoes are that you should replace them every 350-500 miles (563.27 -804.67 km), or about every 3-6 months depending upon how often your run.

This suggestion works well if you use your shoes only for your running and jogging. When you use your running shoes for everyday wear, they will wear out faster. You can use an inexpensive pedometer to track how many miles you walk in your running shoes and add this amount to your running log. It’s often recommended that you save your running shoes specifically for jogging or running and use other shoes for everyday wear. A good pair of running shoes can be pretty pricey and replacement can get expensive.

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I happened upon this whilst rummaging through Slate Magazine’s
videos. Thing is — I didn’t continue watching it because of the snarky commentary nor did I find great delight in 80s cartoon characters throwing around contemporary drug slang. I just dig the disjointed ultra-primary animation of Ross Bagdasarian and Hanna Barbera and Joe Ruby.

Fret not. I’m still running. I just needed a life less analyzed for a sec.

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