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Superfeet insoles supersuck

I’m a griper it seems – a snarky, sarcastic complainer. I’ve jettisoned some pretty whiny stuff out into the ether over the past month or so. My Facebook friends can attest to this. I’d like to tell you I’m going to maintain higher journalistic standards from now on… but I can’t. I’m partial, and I dislike a thing or too.

insolesI’m really starting to buy into this whole conspiracy theory about running shoes. You know; the one about how running shoe companies are helmed by charlatans. And how you’re precious Mizunos are snake oil’s modern equivalent. Even worse, your Mizunos may be exacerbating your running injuries.

I’m starting to think insole companies are onboard, as well.

Don’t get me wrong; I love new shoes: running, casual, dress, even dress-casual. Whada ya got? I like ’em all. But I’m plowing through SpEVA like there’s no tomorrow. I’m talking a new pair of running shoes every three months. My feet start to hurt, so I cut my mileage and order a new pair. I’m over it, though.

I need another pair of shoes… again. I have heel pain… again. I don’t think it’s plantar fasciitis, but who knows? Anyway, for the first time in my life I was dreading finding a new pair. I decided to put my foot down — sorry. I wasn’t going to drop another Benjamin — sorry again — for these things.

So, I took the advice of various running enthusiasts and spent some money on insoles — a lot of money — $43 to be exact. They’re supposed to prolong the life of your shoes. I assumed I was paying for quality.

Man do I feel like a sucker. Now, not only do my heels hurt, but my hips and my knees hurt, too. And yes, Superfeet customer service person, I read the extensive user-guide and followed the instructions. I’m still unsatisfied with your overpriced product.

Just Google “insoles,” not Superfeet, and see what you get at the top of the list. It’s not Dr. Scholls. Something’s up with this company, I tell you.


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