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I was wrapping up a run the other day and my wife and two-year-old came strolling up the street. I didn’t see them, and because I wear Etymotic insulator earphones, I couldn’t hear them calling my name.

My son so enjoyed saying, “Ty, wait!” that he’s continued the practice–often at inopportune times, like when I answer the phone. I say hello and he says “Ty, wait!” in the background. Weird.

What I’m getting to, I guess, is the earphone thing. I know they’re dangerous. They obviously impair you, but man… they sure can smooth the edges out of long run. Let’s face it, after you’ve been running for a few years, the daunting part isn’t necessarily the mileage or the fatigue. It’s the boredom.

My hat’s off to those runners who can just get into it without their iPods– and just listen to the birds chirping. But it’s not just the birds chirping, is it? It’s the sirens, the jack hammers, the barking dogs, and the leaf blowers, too.

Banning headphones from organized races is a fairly pervasive practice, and lots of folks abide by these new rules. But no one’s going to arrest you if you don’t — or even disqualify you for that matter. And more and more runners are wising up.

It’s idiocy of course to defend sensory deprivation in a practice that so depends on having your wits about you, but somebody needs to stand up for the audiophiles (blogger knocks on wood).

Here’s a few races that’ll do more than look the other way; they actually pride themselves in their no “no headphone” policy.

* Austin Marathon
* Big-D Texas Marathon
* Dallas White Rock Marathon
* Des Moines Marathon
* Green Bay Marathon
* Lake Tahoe Marathon
* Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon (Anchorage)
* Melbourne and Beaches Marathon (Florida)
* Miami Marathon
* OC Marathon (California)
* Portland, Marathon (Oregon)
* Richmond Marathon
* San Francisco Marathon
* Surf City Marathon (Huntington Beach, California)
* Tucson Marathon


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